Saturday, March 28, 2009

Status 2

It gets pretty quiet, huh?

Popping in to say that the game is going fine, and the reason updates suddenly stopped is that I ran out of things that I think is safe to show!

Maybe I should have update bi-daily instead?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Power up: High Jump


After getting this power up, you'll have the ability to charge up power. When you've charged up to full, press the jump button to do a High Jump! The added height should make previously inaccessible areas... accessible!

Power up: Dash


After getting this power up, you'll have the ability to charge up power. When you've charged up to full, press right or left to start dashing! When dashing, you can damage enemies by running into them, and you can break through fragile walls.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Power up: Stomp


After getting this power up, tapping down twice in the air will shoot you downward with great speed. The added oomph will damage enemies more than jumping on them, and can allow you to break certain things.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Seems like you tripped while carrying that expensive glass goblet!


Tripping is a wonderful feature where, while walking, your character will fall down! This could happen while you're running away from savages, carrying a cure for the cold, or while standing over a neatly built card house!

Monday, March 16, 2009


So far, the engine is waiting to be fitted with an external map system.

Our plans are to use Tiled, a generic tile map editor. Pretty convenient, but we need to get it's map format loading into MMF2. That was easy enough, except for the objects. Right now we have an idea what to do, so hopefully that won't take much longer.

Also, Tiled's handling of objects sucks. We're going to make another application to place objects in tiled's maps, but making sure that the objects are saved into the map itself.

Shad wants to keep the whole thing simple enough so that this could be used in other games. I suppose that would be nice, but I've never thought about open sourcing it myself.

Engine Video

Here's an old video showing the engine for the game. A LITTLE outdated, but oh well.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Goddess' Protection

If you asked a man who ventured into unknown territories and dangers how he survived, he'll probably say, "The Goddess protected me, of course!"

An old legend on Sol goes like this:

"If thou wish to cross the mountains,
the rivers, the plains, the deserts, and the sea,
The goddess will watch over thee.
For if you seek to find the Promised Land,
The Goddess will guide you with her hand."

Any adventurer can recite this by memory. They believe in it very strongly. After all, they haven't been maimed yet!...

Item: Soul Drop


How do I put this simply...? This is a soul, trapped in a drop of some sort of otherworldly liquid. They float about aimlessly, or maybe towards the nearest sharp pointy thing. The souls inside want to escape, and I bet if you help them, they'll use some of their otherworldly powers to heal a cut or three.

Character: Jeremy


Jeremy, the faithful servant of Lady Elena. Completely loyal to her family, he shall do anything to protect Elena.

Occupation: Butler
Favorite Snack: Peaches

Character: Lady Elena


A beautiful and wealthy woman who's fiance vanished 10 years ago, without a trace. She enlists in the Hero's aid to find him.

Despite him being gone for a decade, she seems rather confident that her love is still alive, somewhere.

Occupation: Retired
Favorite Snack: Sunflower Seeds

Item: Magic Berry


This strange fruit has been popping up in the oddest places on Luna Island! It's peculiar color and alluring smell are not recorded in any field books, but give it a taste... if something goes wrong, maybe they'll name it after you!

Their seeds also like to travel about. If you happen to find one, plant it in special soil and it'll grow!

Character: The Hero


The hero of the story. A budding adventurer, he takes up the task of finding a vanished person without much thought. But, will his experience be enough?

Occupation: Adventurer
Favorite Snack: Strawberry Jam

Plot Synopsis

So, there's this continent called Sol. And it has a smaller sister called Luna. Luna Island, they call it.

The largest settlement on Luna is a city fondly named St. Astrol. At least, it was, before it up and disappeared over night.

The strangeness of situation sent all of Sol in an uproar. ...But, despite incredible efforts, nothing is found.

A decade later, the island of Luna is mostly uninhabitated, save for a continuing investigation led by the government and some crack-pot conspiracy theorists/tourists. Despite a yearly remembrance day for those who vanished, life went on.

Another item has taken over the news: A young adventuring pilot has been scouring the unknown world, slowly filling in the blanks of the increasingly growing world map. His brave efforts have been recognized, and a spot on the telly is being broadcast across Sol. The brave pilot has been given the nickname, "The Discerning Aviator."

You, the pilot, are eating out in a diner one rainy night when you are given a summons to head to Lady Elena's mansion across town post-haste. When you arrive, she reminds you of the strange occurrence many years ago, and makes a request.

She asks you to find her fiance, who disappeared along with St. Astrol. He had been on a business trip, and when he returned, they were to marry.

The next morning, You, Lady Elena, and her butler, Jeremy, depart in your airplane for the island.

Alright then!

This blog is a place for me to record milestones in the development of The Island.

I'd better record some of this.
As of right now, I'd say...
  • The graphics are going smoothly.
  • The programming is having it's first hitch, but it's getting dealt with.
  • ...We have no musicians.
  • But I DO have a level designer!
That makes a grand total of... 3 people.

Those three people are...

Me, Marty, who's doing programming, graphics and design (but mostly graphics)
Shadoku, who's helping with programming I'd never figure out myself
The coincidentally named Marty Chang, who has experience in Level Design

I don't know what I'd do without you guys!
Alright, that should be enough...

EDIT: Oh whoops, I forgot about Garnavis, who's a musician.
That's a big blunder on my part. Sorry!

First post

Alright then!

Testing, one, two...