Monday, November 8, 2010

Tech Demo

Hey! I've put up a tech demo. Why don't you have a run through my Debug Room and tell me how it feels?


  1. Great build so far.

    I feel there are a few spots where the down key (interact) doesn't seem to respond. It's also kind of bothersome that the "Power Fruit" text is unskippable, not to mention enemies can still move while it is "typing".

    I was also able to jump off the stage!

  2. Oh, and I do like the thing you did with timing your shield, but I don't know how to replicate the "running on water" technique.

  3. Before I even comment on the tech demo, I should say that when I downloaded it I was assaulted by a computer virus

  4. He slipped off the left side of the screen and was never seen again... lol actually, it's very promising so far. Made me think of the fame of Cave Story and how reputable this game could become. Have you considered XBox Live Indie Games, WiiWare, or PlayStation Network?

  5. Okay, for some suggestions:
    1. Make the shield employable mid-air
    2. Make it so you can skip to the end of text
    3. Minor, but when you jump out of the water, the noise seems a little loud? Maybe I just have the volume up too high
    4. Also minor, but when you talk to the Puppet Master, the sentence "I'm the Puppet Master, and I have a neat trick to show you," shifts as it types out.

    I love the visuals, the sound effects, the music (seems like I've heard it somewhere before...), controls. Very promising!